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Caroline Parkinson

Who are you?

My name is Caroline (aka) Parky. I'm 52, soon to be 53.

I'm married with two children and have two adorable, cheeky grandsons.

I like baking cakes, caravanning, gardening and now jogging.

What's in your kit bag?

My kit bag is very light at the moment.

All my kit is Karrimor, from trainers to vest to jogging bottoms and jacket.

My watch is a fit bit surge but I wouldn't buy one again. It went wrong after about four months and the strap has come away from the watch. I always take my iPhone for many reasons.

My trainers have my lucky tag on them which reads 'When your legs turn to jelly don't give up, run with your heart' which is a message from my grandsons.

What's been your greatest achievement?


Well, I've had a few days to think about this, and it's not doing the couch to 5k or my first park-run, or first 10k or 10miler or even my first half marathon.

Believe it or not it's joining the Faversham Running Club! Meeting strangers and jogging with them.

All this in a year!!!!!

Give us your top tip

Never eat a curry the night before a race day and stay hydrated at all times.

What would you say now to the pre-Faversham Running Club you?

Caroline, it's simple, the feeling you get after a run... the word I think I'm looking for is the BUZZ you get, that you can't buy and you can do it!