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Gary & Linda

August 2019's members of the month are Gary and Linda. Please enjoy getting to know them a little better.

Who are you?

My name is Gary & I’m not telling you old I am, at my age it’s hard to remember anyway. Married to Linda and I’m not telling you old she is either cos she’d kill me. We’ve been traveling the world together since 1991.

I guess running only became a big part of my life when we moved to Australia (Melbourne), I used to run to and from work & then go for a run for fun when I got home! Also became addicted to ParkRun in Melbourne!

Linda has always been more of a swimmer than a runner, she tried running a number of different periods but was not able to stick to it.

Then we found her a beautiful 5K course to train on. It’s called the “Tan”, it runs around the Botanic Gardens in Melbourne, it is the best! You have the sound of the Kookaburra’s singing & the smell of the Jacaranda to keep you going, happy days!! Since then she has stuck with the running, but she’ll tell you she’s not addicted

We now plan holidays & weekend breaks around different running events. It’s never more than a 10K but it really does make a holiday special running with like minded people. Next planned trip is to run a ParkRun in New Jersey end of September.

What's in your kit bag?

We both love our Garmin Watches, tried a Polar for a while but it didn’t work out between us. Dumped it and went crawling back to Garmin. We’ll never leave you again Garmin.

ASICs for me but Linda is happy to wear anything she says, well as long as the colours are right (Seriously though, ASICs as well).

Oh & for me I need music, play list changes depending on how far I’m going & how hard I want to run. Currently on play list, Dead South, Green Day & Iron Maiden.

What's been your greatest achievement?

Both of us agree that running your first 5K without stopping always feels like the greatest achieve & you never forget it. For me (Gary) running just under 46 mins in Verona last year was up there.

Give us your top tip

Always remember it will get easier & perseverance will pay off. Don’t forget to look back at what you have achieved & don’t be too hard on yourself (sorry that’s way more than just one top tip).

What would you say now to the pre-Faversham Running Club you?

Never believe Paul Higgins when he tells you that the route you are about to run with him is not hilly, it’s simply undulating (Linda wrote that Paul).

But joking apart I would say, throw yourself in. You’re going to get to run with a supportive bunch of like minded people, why wouldn’t you join?