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Gary Miller

October 2019's member of the month is Gary. Please enjoy getting to know him a little better.

Who are you?

I'm Gary Miller, aged LIV in Roman numerals, very happily married to Helen and childfree by choice. Hobbies are playing Elite Dangerous (pilot name Cmdr Quorthon) reading Sci-Fi books (not e-books!) tinkering with spreadsheets and a bit of gardening.

What's in your kit bag?

I have three sets of shoes:
  1. Vibram V-run for most runs (I love barefoot running and these are as close as I can get with a bit of protection from sharp stones). Separating my toes practically eliminated my blisters.
  2. Merrell Vapor Glove 3s for running during my lunch time at work. Top tip: always have running gear with you, if possible! However, the uppers on these wore out quite quickly; I wouldn’t buy them again.
  3. On Cloudstratus. I've got the occasion twinge in my instep, probably from fallen arches and bad form, so I wanted a pair of cushioned shoes for racing. I bought Cloudflow, but my feet are too wide for them, causing bruised toes. Luckily, On have a 30-day exchange policy, so I swapped them after doing a half marathon.

My watch is a Garmin 30, bought second hand on eBay. It does most things well and for a third of the price of the next one I’d consider. The web app is great for plotting courses and it links to Strava.

My favourite running kit is my Faversham Running Club shirt, honest! It's a sign to myself that I'm taking exercise seriously as well as belonging to a fun, friendly group. I just need to get a second one with sleeves now.

What's been your greatest achievement?

Probably I'm most pleased with the running I did on 24th July this year. It was forecast to be the hottest day of the year so I got up and went running at 4:50am for 7km, then got the urge to run again at lunchtime (6k), when it was super hot, and then went for a 10k run with the club in the evening. This day summed up the joy of running that I feel. There's nothing like looking out of the window and thinking "Gotta get out there!"

Give us your top tip

Read a range of running books. If you read only one you will get one set of ideas and they may not be right for you. Read a lot and pick what works for you. Try with an open mind and change if you need to. My faves, all completely different: 1) Born To Run, 2) Older, Faster, Stronger, 3) Chi Running, 4) Eat And Run, 5) Running With The Kenyans.

What would you say now to the pre-Faversham Running Club you?

Anyone can run, and running staves off old-age health problems. Join Faversham Running Club now and start living forever today!