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Kelly & Matt

April 2019's member(s) of the month are Kelly and Matt. Please enjoy getting to know them both a little better.

Who are you?

I’m 50 next year and Kelly is 47. We met 10 years ago through our children playing together, we were neighbours, they are all grown up now and and whilst we have no children together, between us we have 5. They are into their Football, Rugby and Gym. Kelly and I love watching bingeworthy Box Sets on TV such as Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. We occasionally fish together, chilling out at the side of the lake, taking in the wildlife and relaxing, hoping to catch a whopper! Kelly is a teacher in a Learning & Disability school and I am a Business Development Manager for Jewson. We got a dog 18 months ago, Jess the Rottweiller and that led us to long walks (getting lost) across forests and moors from Faversham to Yorkshire. We started to enjoy the fresh air and exercise and being ex social football and rugby players we looked to get fit again. Kelly started the Couch to 5K September last year and I soon joined her. Graham Bedford really supported us both from walking to running and gave us the precise amount of encouragement for us to get into running Kelly has Brugada Syndrome, a rare heart condition that results in her having an internal defibrillator fitted in her chest and this was initially of concern to us but it has been of no issue so far, so long may that last, which is a good job, as the ironing won’t do itself, something I often remind Kelly about in her monthly performance reviews. Every marriage should have one! So we have embraced running and everyone at the Club have been fantastic and friendly, offering support and tips and becoming friends, the banter is funny too!

What's in your kit bag?

We both had a pair of regular trainers but soon realised they needed upgrading to more a bespoke running variety so now I wear Asics and Matt has a pair of Brooks. Neither of us have any lucky pants! but certainly we both always wear a pair of twin walled running socks such as 1000 mils or an equivalent. Matt gets blisters easily and since using the socks he's only had one and I've never had one, so they're a great buy. Matt uses a Garmin Vivoactive 3 and I wear an Apple Watch, which of course means we have now opened up a whole new world called Strava!

What's been your greatest achievement?

For me it was going out for a run on my own, something I swore I could never do and yet I managed 11k one Sunday morning without really thinking about it. I was so thrilled, it was a beautiful sunny day going through Oare, Davington, town and home and since then I've ran several times alone. For Matt it was managing to legit from the train station to home and back in a suit and shoes because he'd forgotten some football tickets without stopping thus not missing his train!

Give us your top tip

My top tip is invest in a decent sports bra (Shockabsorber) and wear vasaline its certainly made a good deal of difference in comfort resulting in a happier Kelly! Matt's tip is listen to your body, if you have a niggle its for a reason don't ignore it! stretch, stretch and more stretching - 40 something's taking up a sport need to stretch!

What would you say now to the pre-Faversham Running Club you?

Run you'll love it, don't put it off. After honestly believing neither of us could ever run (I compared myself to the last rhino in Jamanji) to now signing up for our first marathon (Brighton 2020). Yes it sounds cheesy but it really is never too late. We both feel great for keeping at it which would never of happened if it wasn't for the support of the club, the great banter and social occasions. I still find it hard, I'm still super slow, I'm starting to embrace the odd hill!

Think of all that bling too, we never knew there were so many races! 5k - marathons, clearly neither of us are ever going to win but our attitude is, the medals are a pat on the back for ourselves for still running and we're proud of that and each other.