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Graham & Paul

May’s member(s) of the month are the Ant and Dec of Faversham Running Club, Graham Doy and Paul Whittaker. They’re known for their jazz hands photos and we really couldn’t feature one without the other. Please enjoy getting to know them both a little better.

Who are you?

G: Hello all my name is Graham. I am 43 years old. Married to Samantha and we have twins age 14, Harry and Lauren.

I enjoy camping, motorcycles, and vodka 😊

P: My name is Paul Whittaker, I'm 48 years young, married to Mel and have five kids, also a cat called Charlie and Monty the dog who most of you at Faversham running club have met.

I'm a Grandad known to my Granddaughter as running Grandad 😅.

I work as an HGV driver which is why I run.

What's in your kit bag?

G: I run in Adidas ultra boost st and I use a Tom Tom watch.

I always wear compression socks, pants, and top when I run whether it be a race or normal training run.

My kit bag consists of water and jelly babies!

P: I've always worn Asics trainers but just recently tried Hoka; both excellent.

I also wear a viviactive Garmin watch all singing and dancing; expensive but worth it.

My training kit is always changing but I always wear compression socks, meant to increase circulation and reduce the lactic acid build-up.

I carry water, jelly babies and gels if a long run.

The most important thing in my kit bag is my inhaler as I have had asthma since I was a kid.

What's been your greatest achievement?

G: My greatest achievement is running my first mile without stopping.

When I first started running I was 19 1/2 stone. (I have lost six stone in total since then!)

I have a stainless steel rod in my leg which I acquired after a motor cycle accident a few years previous. So it was a bit difficult to start with.

Getting to that first mile was probably one of the hardest things I have ever done but once I got there, with a bit of perseverance, it seemed to get easier.

P: I can remember the first ever run with Faversham Running Club like it was yesterday and we have been going three years now.

It was a four miler along Abbeyfields and back, I can remember thinking “I can't do this”. I was out of breath and thought my lungs were going to burst but I know this isn't my greatest achievement.

Running Brighton marathon last year, my first ever marathon, with my running partner Graham Doy.

I ran it for Cancer Research for my Mum and Dad, the last three miles I was trying to hold back the tears knowing that I was going to finish it. So Amazing.

Give us your top tip

G: I always try and have three poos before a race 😊

Try to run with someone the same pace as you, as that helps and motivates you both.

P: Top tip, for me, time isn't everything find someone that runs the same pace as you, talk and have fun or you won't keep doing it.

Walk, run, keep fit.

What would you say now to the pre-Faversham Running Club you?

G: Before Faversham Running Club, well, it was a bit lonely running on my own. It was a bit awkward and frustrating not knowing where to run and the routes. I was always wondering whether I was progressing.

But now I can pick a day and time and someone will be running to tag along with, or to party with 😂😂 happy days!!

P: Don't just sit there thinking about trying to get fit, go and join Faversham Running Club!

I didn't just get fit, I have friends for life and a great social life with FRC. Thank you!