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Shailey Tuff

July 2019's member of the month is Shailey. Please enjoy getting to know her a little better.

Who are you?

Hi, I’m Shailey I’m 37 and am married to Lee, together we have 3 children aged, 17, 14 and 13. I have only lived in Faversham for about 9 years, before that I lived in Medway but moved here when I met Lee. We got married 4 years ago in Italy.

My hobbies are quizzes and holidays, I am always planning the next holiday and like to have 1 or 2 in the pipeline, I am also partial to an alcoholic beverage or 2 😊

I joined Faversham Running Club April 2018, when I signed up to the Couch to 5k programme that I saw on Facebook, so am now pleased to add running to my list of hobbies, it might even be my favourite one.

What's in your kit bag?

I never thought I would spend money on running gear but its so addictive! I am currently wearing Brooks GTS Adrenaline as I need support shoes these have helped but I have suffered with blisters but will probably try Brooks again. I am partial to socks and having tried a few brands (100 mile, Karrimor, Hillys) my new fave are Balega’s – I’ve realised I am a salesman’s dream when it comes to sock selling.

I have a Garmin Forerunner 35, and as I am not tech savvy at all this works fine for me.

The one thing I always run with, be it a 5k or half marathon is my Camelbak Active, I love it and it was well worth the investment. Not only do I like to drink quite a lot of water when I am running, probably because I talk an awful lot, but it has so many pockets so I always carry my gloves, compeed plasters, my phone, my door key, lip balm and snacks currently block jellys, but I also have been partial to dry cereal, jelly babies – but not wine gums they have a nasty side effect! I do like to go prepared so if you ever need a plaster on a club run chances are I have one!

What's been your greatest achievement?

For me it was the Ashford 10 miler in October. My running buddy Wes (who I met at the C25k ran by FRC last year) and I had said we would do this race together for our next training milestone, he signed up and I left it til the last minute and missed out as all the places had gone! So I promised to turn up early and be in the reserve list for on the day entries, however the night before I got side tracked in the Elephant and consumed a fair amount of alcohol, thinking I wasn’t running as I wouldn’t get a place.

The next morning at 7am, I dragged my, probably still drunk, body to the race HQ, and was the first person on the reserve list and an hour later got a place to line up with Wes and the other FRC crowd – never mind the hangover I had never even run that far before. That was probably my best race, for speed, comfort and enjoyment but it also showed me the commitment I made to my running, and my running buddy that I can do this and I did – that’s when I felt like a proper runner not because of the distance but the commitment to get out and run.

Give us your top tip

Its going to hurt! you will get niggles, blisters, your muscles will hurt, you will get aches and pains all over the place that’s something I didn’t realise, and have spent many a run moaning about an ache or pain as Wes knows only too well – its become a bit of a joke my moaning about a pain. Look after your body, make sure you get your gait analysed – I had terrible hip and knee trouble and decent gait analysis and a new pair of shoes really did make a huge difference. Invest in a good sports massage and/or Physio too – don’t just spend money on kit like shoes and watches, spend it on your body as a runner my body is the best bit of kit I’ve got so you need to look after it.

What would you say now to the pre-Faversham Running Club you?

As a treadmill runner years ago, I never liked the idea of road running and I now know why – running can be a lonely sport which I hated the idea of. However since I joined FRC I have truly seen what a team sport running can be. I have felt since joining the club its not about the distance, the speed or the route its all about getting out there and doing it, together, supporting each other and having a right old laugh too.

So I’d probably say to myself, be warned you might just end up loving it and become one of those people who loves talking about running and being with other runners………and pays good money to run around roads for medals 😊