Race Report
Brighton Marathon - 15th April 2018
Nick Clark
So, I never wanted to be a ‘marathon runner,’ I do 10k’s. I just wanted to run the London Marathon - bucket list stuff, yada yada. Didn’t get a place, took up the suggestion to do Brighton instead. My first 26.2 and I LOVED IT!

I lived in the Bright Town for a few years and my old home didn’t disappoint. The promised queues for race number collection were non-existent when I strolled up to the race village on the Saturday afternoon. I didn’t spend much time in the village but it looked like it had plenty to offer interested parties.

I would say that the bag drop on the Sunday morning was a little haphazard but it’s probably the only little gripe I can make. Those who know me well enough will know that this is saying something in itself!

The route is pretty flat to be fair. A few little slopes but nothing to concern anyone who’s done their training in the lanes around Faversham. Hills are our friends, right? On the way out from town towards Roedean School, I was treated to Mustangs, Mods, Minis and then Hogs coming the other way ahead of the clock car and the real athletes.

The support was consistently good around pretty much the whole course with the obligatory FRC loudmouths at various points roaring me on!

The race was hard though. Attritional from 19 through 25 down by Shoreham Power Station. I had a little 20 second walk at 25 miles. When I started up again, a shout of “Go on Heart Foundation, no more walking here today!” said it all. The buzz passing 26 was immense and after seeing and hearing my family on Madiera Drive, I even managed a little sprint to the line, burning off a few more people.


A thorough and unequivocal recommendation for a first marathon experience.

Might even do it again. Maybe.