Race Report
Whitstable 10k - 07th May 2018
Graham Boggia
Considering this is the nearest race to our front doors (Faversham & Mount Ephraim 10k’s excepted) it was curious to see just nine FRC shirts at the start line, with Jim Kerrin running his first event in club colours. This well managed race is organised by Canterbury Harriers and entries sell out very fast indeed, in fact I understand the books closed just five days after opening back in January, when the 750 places were allotted.

The course offers closed roads for the first part along the top of Tankerton slopes, and then on through Swalecliffe to Hampton (the Whitstable end of Herne Bay) before turning round and running the remainder of the race along the promenade all the way back to Whitstable. There’s a slight incline at a grassy section at about 4k but despite this it’s safe to call the course a flat one, ideal if you’re looking to clock a fast time, and also good for runners looking to cut their teeth on the 10k distance.

Despite living close to the coast it’s always a treat to run alongside the sea, and I’m sure this is a big attraction for race entrants. The crowds were pleasantly supportive en-route, their numbers no doubt helped by the glorious spring sunshine. In fact the heat was a bit energy sapping for some runners.

On a personal note, I had a vague goal of trying to enter sub 50 minute territory but I knocked out the first two k’s too fast and by half way the heat was affecting me and the game was up. That said, I shaved one minute eleven from my previous PB so I’ve no reason to complain.

There’s really nothing much negative to say about this event - it would be great to see more FRC runners in the field - I’ll pop a reminder in my calendar for December to remind members of the approaching entry date. There’s plenty of places to eat and drink after the race, all within walking distance, or failing that you could take a picnic or have a barbecue on the beach. See you next year?