Race Report
Brighton Marathon - 14th April 2019
Caroline Parkinson
Brighton Marathon Morning and afternoon what an emotional day...

I just can’t explain it. From being shaky, cold, nervous and excited all rolled into one is not a nice feeling ... then the horn blasts and it’s your time to go, people cheering, music playing, people singing, children shouting, strangers calling out "go (Jen) and her friend" was unreal (yes I was the friend) no name on my top. At mile 21 I think? I said to Jen never again but today I feel proud that I have achieved this within 2 years of running .. and yes I think I will do it again next year!

Thank you to everyone that has helped me on the way, you know who you are, for gate crashing your runs Kelly and Matt, for all those that came with me in the dark winter months, to my running wife Bill Jennie Fitchett Reading, FRC and Sandra Nelson for getting me into it all from couch to 5k to marathon, deep love to you all xxx

Yvonne O'Brien
Well that was a crazy 4 days spent down in Brighton for the marathon. Great to see you all down there running and cheering. I came in 10 minutes quicker than last year but didn’t enjoy the race as much.

I went off too quick to keep up with stronger runners than myself and got burnt out by mile 17. By mile 22 I got a terrible stitch that I couldn’t shift and it still hurts now along my rib cage.

The last stretch running into the wind was mostly miserable but I got there. I’m sure I will do Brighton marathon again one day but I’m not signing up for next year. I’ll offer my cheering services instead.

There’s plenty to see and do in Brighton and the air b n b worked well so if your feeling brave give it a go. Many thanks for all the messages of support and all the cheers from the FRC crew. 2 weeks till London now and let’s see what that brings. Much love. See you all out there somewhere.