Race Report
Sittingbourne 10k Race - 19th May 2019
Rich Hoare
I've been nominated to write the race review for today so here goes...

The race starts from Westlands School and it was easy to get in and get parked. Then it was only a short walk from the car park to the number collection point. Collecting your number and tag was really quick and easy, putting your tag on your shoe was not! I speak for myself here as I had to get Sandra Nelson to do it for me! Thanks, Sandra!

The race HQ itself was well organised and had a nice chilled out atmosphere. There was also a DJ from a local radio station playing some (questionable) tunes which added a nice bit of atmosphere.

The race got started on time and we were off! There weren't too many runners so I found I didn't get boxed in at all. Not sure if the others felt the same. Anyway, it wasn't long before we were all really spaced out. I ran most of the race with no one within a few metres of me!

It felt like quite a fast course so maybe one for people to try and get PBs on. There were a few hills but nothing major except for quite a long incline leading up to the 3km marker. Other than that, most of the hills were short and sharp.

The course went through some nice countryside (though probably mot as scenic as other routes?) and there were a few people dotted here and there supporting.

The support on the final stretch to the finish line was really nice, a lot of cheering and clapping.

Overall, a good course I would say and it was a nice surprise to see Graham Bedford, Ray Johnson and Sandra Nelson as hadn't realised they were running!

My only criticism of the race would be that it was quite busy in terms of traffic but not sure they could do much about that other than having the race a bit earlier.

Well done to everyone who ran and to anyone else who did other races today.

FRC rocks!

(spot the wally whose FRC running top was in the wash!)