Race Report
Harbour Wallbanger - 22nd June 2019
Jim Ransom
Wow what an interesting run, the harbour wallbanger was, superb organisation, no crazy queues, very relaxed.

The run starts in Viking bay Broadstairs and you run out along the beach up to Ramsgate harbour hit the wall and return. it's 7.5 k but it's a very heavy route , running through deep dry sand into wet sand that sucks your feet, into sea weed covered rocks and water onto pebbles and rocks back to wet sand and finally dry sand and then repeat in the other direction.

Fantastic medal, great company, with Angi Nebbe, Laura Sharp Fisher, Bill Jennie, Fitchett Reading , Lisa Gray and a little hungover Jodie Kennett (being kind to her really, she was hanging) great event and would thoroughly recommend it. I will definitely do it again