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Couch to 5k

The perfect plan for someone getting back into running or for someone that's never even run before

A great place to start

Running 5k without stopping is a great goal to have. It’s a target that only requires a pair of trainers, can be done anywhere and is something that almost anyone can achieve in a couple of months. Along the way, you’ll also enjoy clear signs of how much you are improving your fitness, as you find that you’re able to run further every week.

Your 8 week Couch to 5K Training Plan

3 sessions a week
Week 1
Session 1   Run 30sec, walk 30sec, repeat 15 times
Session 2   Run/walk 10min (freestyle)
Session 3   Walk 5km, timing how long it takes you
Week 2
Session 1   Run 45sec, walk 45sec, repeat 12 times
Session 2   Run/walk 15min (freestyle)
Session 3   Walk 5km (aim to beat previous week’s time)
Week 3
Session 1   Run 60sec, walk 60sec, repeat 10 times
Session 2   Run/walk 20min (freestyle)
Session 3   Walk 5km (aim to beat previous week’s time)
Week 4
Session 1   Run 90sec, walk 90sec, repeat 8 times
Session 2   Run/walk 25min (freestyle)
Session 3   Run 1km, walk 4km
Week 5
Session 1   Run 2min, walk 2min, repeat 6 times
Session 2   Run/walk 30min (freestyle)
Session 3   Run 2km, walk 3km
Week 6
Session 1   Run 3min, walk 2min, repeat 5 times
Session 2   Run/walk 35min (freestyle)
Session 3   Run 3km, walk 2km
Week 7
Session 1   Run 5min, walk 2min, repeat 4 times
Session 2   Run/walk 40min (freestyle)
Session 3   Run 4km, walk 1km
Week 8 🏁
Session 1   Run 10min, walk 60sec, repeat 3 times
Session 2   Run/walk 45min (freestyle)
Session 3   Run 5km
How to track your runs

The best app out there has got to be Strava, it's a club favourite. The app will use the GPS signal on your phone to accurately log the route and speed of your runs. Once you’ve created an account, search for FRC members within the app and then you can start sending and receiving kudos for activities. It also syncs with smart watches, etc if you don't like running with a phone.

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