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Why Faversham Running Club?

Faversham Running Club is affiliated with England Athletics adopting the highest of standards and practises for an outstanding community running club. Our professional, qualified running leaders are experienced to support your every ambition whether a beginner to running or seasoned runner. The club has a structured approach to training that empowers you to choose the most appropriate small group running for your needs.

The heart of the club family are the members, creating life-long friendship, sharing those enjoyable experiences and knowledge of routes, training, and race events throughout the running calendar. Most importantly the club’s responsibilities is to acknowledge your own achievements from getting active with our dedicated couch to 5k programmes, cheering as you cross the finishing line the club will be there for you.

A good laugh and a long run are the two best cures for anything.

Paul Higgins – FRC Chairperson

Why is Inspired to Run, Love to Run, Love to Run so important.

Inspired to Run

Your club will be your running buddy making inspirations all possible.

Love to Run

Running will be fun, enjoyable so come along and experience this for yourself.

Free to Run

You will not pay any subscriptions for any running with Faversham Running Club

Offers and discounts

We do offer an England Athletics membership, which entitles you to unique offers and discounts so that your money can go the extra mile just like you with Faversham Running Club!

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Running in the dark
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Eating well
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Want to find out more about how we can help you get into running, reach new goals or you want to get into coaching? Our team are here to help.

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